There was no auction in 2020 or 2021. 

We hope to re-establish that tradition in 2022! 

Here's what was available in 2019... 

We thank all of our generous donors who, by donating to our event, allow it to continue!

Take a look at everything this year's Silent Auction has to offer! 

1. Wooden Bowl by Lance Besharah

2. $25 Gift Certificate for Richard's Coffeehouse

3. $25 Gift Certificate for Richard's Coffeehouse

4. Print by Larry Sherman

5. Print by Lynn Steiner

6. Necklace by Lea Hamblett

7. Quilted child's apron by Sylvia Shackles

8. Quilted child's apron by Sylvia Shackles

9. Acrylic on Canvas by Marilyn White

10. Painting by J. Andre

11. Painting by J. Andre

12. Painting by J. Andre

13. $25 Gift Certificate for 1000 Islands Restaurant &            Pizzeria

14. $40 Gift Certificate for The Red George Public                House Inc.

15. TWO TICKETS for "Spidey Make-Believe at the                Joshua Bates Centre, Athens: Saturday, May 11, 2019

16. TWO TICKETS for one show at the Upper Canada          Playhouse (Summer and Christmas Shows only)

17. TWO TICKETS to "The Comic Strippers", BAC:                  Thursday, June 13, 2019

18. TWO TICKETS to "Still Rock 'N Roll to Me, BAC:              Wednesday, June 22, 2019

 ...... keep scrolling! There are LOTS MORE CHOICES!

19. TWO TICKETS to "The Beach Party Boys", BAC:                 Wednesday, July 3 or Thursday July 4, 2019                                    (afternoon or evening performances)

20. TWO TICKETS to "Dreamer: the Supertramp                     Experience", BAC: Wednesday, July 17 or Thursday          July 18, 2019 (afternoon or evening performances)

21. TWO TICKETS to "Green River Revival", BAC:                     Wednesday July 31,                                                                 or Thursday August 1, 2019                                                    (afternoon or evening performances)

22. TWO TICKETS to "Woodstock Revival", BAC: Thursday             August 8, 2019

23. TWO TICKETS to "A Musical Tribute to the                         Highwaymen", BAC: Wednesday August 14 or                  Thursday August 15, 2019                                                               (afternoon or evening performances)

24. TWO TICKETS to "Elvis - the Concert", BAC: Wednesday           August 28 or Thursday August 29, 2019 ​                                                           (afternoon or evening performances)

25. TWO TICKETS to "Against the Wind: the Ultimate Bob             Seger Experience", BAC: Saturday November 2, 2019

26. TWO TICKETS to "Tapestry: The Carole King                     Songbook", BAC: Saturday November 19, 2019

27. Painting by Suzanne Charo (Kingston artist)

28. Painting by Jane Ogborne

29. $50 Gift Certificate to The Mill Restaurant

30. Painting: Ink on Ceramic Tile by Pat Markovich

31. TWO TICKETS to one St. Lawrence Shakespeare              Festival Play

32. $60 Gift Certificate to The Noshery or The Noshery        Market

33. $25 Gift Certificate to Luna Pizzeria

34. TWO TICKETS to Skywood Eco Adventures

35. TWO TICKETS to Upper Canada Village

36. TWO TICKETS to Thousand Islands Playhouse

37. TWO TICKETS to the Uppity Improv Society:                     May 3, or 4, 2019 -- Brockville Country Club